African American Folk Art by Mari Hall


Oil Paintings ~ African American Folk Art
Mari Hall, Artist

"Eye My" by Mari Hall
"Eye My" 15 in W X 15 in H - $115 USD
Fine Art Giclee Print on Canvas, Archival Quality
African American Folk Art
Art in the Key of Life

Billowing clouds flow from the west, driven by winds from the ocean. Huge thunderous clouds arrive from the south, full of storm and heat. Whitened grey clouds arrive from the east, forcing the birds to hide from the approaching storm. Icy bright clouds arrive from the north, artic with cold, dragging the weather from Canada right onto my balcony. I watch the clouds arrive, I watch the birds turn from the setting sun towards the approaching storm to the east.

I watch the fury of winds drive the clouds from the west, bringing torrential rains from the Pacific Ocean. I smell the clouds from the south, scented like hot peppers, hot and violent, threatening fire and smoke from cast thunderbolts driving electric into the ground. I turn my face upward, shielding my eyes from the explosive bright sun, admiring the rainbow of colors etched around the edges of a slender bit of atmospheric cotton dotting the manganese blue sky. I lean forward to admire a swirl of sundust drifting along the street, a small cyclone of wind clutching a long piece of thin fabric cloud, daring the papers to lie still along the gutters and curbs. I eat the heat of summer air, wishing for a long shade of cloud to appear, hoping to dispel for a moment of pure pearl cool, a bit of dotted shade to ban the swelling heat that hovers beneath the promise of rain. I sit in a silk of hot hundreds of degrees, evaporating my breath as it exits my dry mouth, watching the drama unfold for another season of autumn winter spring summer of clouds bracing fancy dreams while floating here and there, catching the sun in a wild array of reds and blues and hot oranges, tinted with brilliant yellows, pinks and greys, wild against an unviolated sky of fluttering shimmering blues.

Mari Hall describes her painting style as folk art, with a balance of ethnic references, flowing into her description of her art as African American Folk Art which probably defies formal catalogue. The influences for her contemporary oil paintings derive from a host of painters, who also embraced flat plane composition, fauvist color and abolished formal constraints of chiascuro modeling, horizon lines and light versus shadow. Her modern artist eye does not deny the influence of modern advertising, modern photography and modern humor. She describes herself as a self-taught artist leaning heavily upon the works of Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, with a host of other artists shuffled in between days and nights of perusing art in its many forms, including music. Her African American Folk Art is also influenced by Haitian paintings which fly in the face of gravity and reason into torrents of color and history. Mari Hall prefers the sticky torpid passion of oil paint with its dangers and fumes, to the more readily prized acrylic paint. The entire experience of painting with oil is sensory to the extreme, propelling her into the azure skies of creativity with a touch of Mojave Desert madness. To calm her flight into the vagaries of chaotic paint, Mari sometimes tosses out a novel, as writing for her, is another form of painting, only with words.

Mari Hall started painting in her late 20s as a way to fill her time with something constructive and engaging. Painting became a gateway into an emotional and mental space that stretched into decades of intense learning, expansion, failure, success, dreaming that forever she would have tubes of oil paint, boxes of pencils, bottles of ink, reams of paper, rolls of canvas with endless amounts of time and energy to push all of each strand into some visual form that held pleasure for another besides herself. She is in her fourth decade of painting and hopes to mimic forever her desires in paint until she can no longer hold a brush.

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