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Digital Art ~ African American Folk Art
Mari Hall, Artist

"Artful Unity" by Mari Hall

"Artful Unity" 24 in W X 13 in H - $250 USD
Fine Art Giclee Print on Watercolor Papers, Archival Quality
African American Folk Art
Art in the Key of Life

We cast our eyes upward to the heavens, starry and bright. We send orbital equipment on long voyages, past distant planets, hoping to find the next giant leap for mankind: another planet, another civilization, another group of people, out there somewhere, to ease our sense of loneliness. "Artful Unity" is about that curiosity, that longing to know, if there are others in another distant galaxy, if not our own galaxy, anxious to meet us, to know us, to share with us their knowledge of how all of this works. Meaning, Creation, The Universe, held together with artful unity, from the depths of the ocean to the starry heavens, artful unity prevails. It is abundant, expansive, unknowable in its most primal state, it remains mysterious to our minds, how it came to be. We try with our scientific equipment, and our scientific experiments, to place it in a box, with a pretty bow that explains all of it. Ironically, the more we query, the more there is to query. We will never be able to define Artful Unity in an equation or with equipment and measurements. We will always be curious, but perhaps one day we will stop feeling lonely.

Journeys with Art - Mari Hall's exploration to abstract places, foreign ideas, different tools. That is how Mari Hall describes her beginnings with digital art.

As a self-taught painter, I did not shy away from trying different media, oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, drawings, the traditional medias. Venturing into digital art was entirely different for me. Most of my experience with computers was with work, not art, so my starting point was more "corporate" rather than fine art. I did see a lot of potential after learning a few different softwares, wanting to explore to see just what I would develop after gaining familiarity with my new skills. I am not a photographer. I have no affinity with photography so I did not try to develop in that direction, although I have seen how it has great potential. I love painting. I love the sticky gooey part of painting, the smears, the mediums, the mess. So I did not gravitate to digital painting, although I have seen it used with great effect. Instead, I used the value of line and composition as my point of departure for exploring yet another medium. I have been painting much longer than I have been exploring with the digital medium. My mature painting style was developed after diving into many other styles of painting. I have yet to settle on a style with digital art, although I do repeat certain ways of presenting an art subject. So much of digital art depends on the software that is being used, and that sometimes is a limitation, especially if the software is no longer available. I do find digital liberating in that I am more comfortable exploring other subjects, ideas I would shy away from using oil paint. I have been working with digital art since 2000.

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