Paintings by Mari Hall

News: September 2021

Mari Hall's painting "Jazzy Blues & Guitar"
received a Special Recognition Award,
Excellence in Art
Awarded by Light Time Space
Online Art Gallery, Palm Springs CA

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"Jazzy Blues & Guitar"

News: May 2021

Mari Hall's painting, "Pacific Syren Harmony Wave" is published in the World Wide Art
Books, Magazine # 6, curated by Despina Turnberg.

Mari Hall's painting appears on page 59.

Click here to view the WWAB Art Magazine.

News: May 2021

Mari Hall's painting, "Fractal Winter Mercy"
receives "Award for Artistic Excellence".
Awarded by Circle Foundation for the Arts,
Lyon, France.

Click here to view "Fractal Winter Mercy".

News: March 2021

Mari Hall's painting, "Pacific Syren Harmony Wave", receives a Finalist Certificate,
Juried International Art Contest, March 2021.

The Finalist Certificate awarded by ArtaVita.

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The art of Mari Hall is African American Folk Art 2021, developing her own style of painting over a span of 40 years. Her style is colorful, fauvist, playful, dynamic.

Mari Hall is a self-taught artist who studied many different artists and their styles of painting. She is a part of a larger group of black visual artists who challenge the standards for modern art. Her art is folk art in nature, although she studied many other traditional artists' works.

Mari Hall lives in the Antelope Valley which is nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. She is at the far edge of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert. Perhaps her art could be considered "outsider art", as she tackles other topics that are of interest to her, such as modern technology and our collective aspirations for space travel.

Mari Hall has also self-published two science fiction novels, "The Junenoon Effect" and
"The Junenoon Effect: Troposphere". The books are available for purchase through

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